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Tatiana Morales is a bilingual English/Spanish licensed esthetician trained in oncology esthetics. She is South Florida’s leading oncology trained esthetician holding double certifications from the prestigious educational programs Oncology Spa Solutions® and Oncology Skin Therapeutics™.

She has been helping men, women and teenagers address their skin issues in a holistic way, devoting her time to study and evaluate esthetician protocols and skin care products aimed at preventing and alleviating the most frequent skin problems clients can encounter. 

Tatiana is currently providing skin care treatments for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy as part of the Support Team in the Oncology/Hematology Department at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL. 

She is also an Oncology Spa Solutions Oncology- esthetics certified educator currently serving the State of Florida.

Oncology Esthetics:

At Wellness on Wheels we provide skin care for clients in active treatment or recent recovery. We guide our clients to choose skin care products that are safe for them. We show them camouflage makeup techniques like recreation of eyebrows and eyelashes and we provide personal advice when choosing a wig. Alternative therapy like Reiki, Acupressure and Hand & Foot treatment is also available.

Who is an Oncology Trained Esthetician?  

A Licensed Skin Care Professional with specialized training based on oncology related research and clinical studies. They understand how to properly modify each treatment depending on the client, the type of treatment they are on, medicine intake and current health status. They know how to choose proper products for safety and effectiveness for the client experiencing the side effects from cancer treatment and stress.

Oncology Trained Estheticians are mindful of their patients’ weakened immune system and therefore adhere to strict sanitation practices ensuring a safe treatment environment for their clients. They know the importance of timing and scheduling of skin care services, for the clients’ safety.

The skin, as the largest organ of the body, is often times severely affected as an indirect result of oncology treatments. Oncology trained estheticians are trained to assist and educate clients in managing the indirect skin effects of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  

How can Oncology Trained Estheticians Help?  

We can help by providing comfort, care and compassion through active listening, education to care for their new skin condition by choosing safe products.

Our goal is to restore, hydrate, and protect; helping the skin heal and repair by supporting the natural functions of the skin barrier, while also providing comfort and compassion with touch.  

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