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WoW Therapy for Hope is a non-profit organization created with the intention of helping cancer patients with side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and/or immunotherapy, not only with their skin, but also with their image and soul.

A specially customized oncological hydrating facial has proven to be, not only a contributor to the recovery of healthy and well-nourished skin, but also a therapy which reduces the client’s stress levels, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and in some cases, restores the client’s pretreatment’s sense of normalcy.

Wow Therapy for Hope was founded by Tatiana Morales, a Bilingual English-Spanish licensed esthetician and oncology-trained, with over 8 years of experience working with cancer patients. She knows firsthand, the benefits of a skin care therapy during the difficult times of cancer treatments.

Tatiana combines numerous integrative practices studied during her therapy, making it unique and individualized. The passion and love for what she does, had led her to be named by her clients as “the beautician with angel’s hands”.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, Tatiana re-invented her practice, converting a 15-passenger van, into a mobile skin care therapy room. Wellness on Wheels, where “WoW” is coming from, was created mainly to deliver skin care services to cancer patients right to their home door. Because of their treatments, some of these clients are unable to go to a spa for facials; either because of the lack of strength to go, or because their immune system is compromised. With Wellness on Wheels, they are only steps away from an amazing experience.

Our Program:
Because cancer doesn’t affect only the person in treatment, but the economy of the family and many other areas, WoW Therapy for Hope has created 3 different levels to support those in need of a healing touch.

WoW Full Sponsorship

$ 0 Treatment Cost
  • For those actively in cancer treatment or up to three months post treatment suffering skin side effects from it.
  • Client is allowed up to 5 complementary Lily Recovery Treatment and will receive a one time “Loving Touch Bag” with product for a safe and healthy skin care routine at home.

Wellness Partial Sponsorship

$ 30 Treatment Cost
  • For clients between 3 months and up to 4 years post cancer treatment suffering skin side effects from it.
  • Client is allowed up to 5 half-price of Lily Recovery Treatment and 20% discount in a “Loving Touch Bag” retail size.


$ 60 Treatment Cost
  • For those affected by cancer and willing to help others to feel and look better.

  • Client will pay full price for Lily Recovery Treatment, adding funds to the program to give facials to those in need and that cannot afford to pay for the service.

WoW Therapy for Hope is anchor by donations from our generous and warm-hearted friends and clients wanting to give or to honor a loved one lost by cancer.

Because of the revolving type of charity account we have, the more you donate, the more we can help.

We are currently serving the areas of Weston, Davie, Plantation and Pembroke Pines. For any other areas, please inquire with in.

Thank you for your support and to help making a difference “one touch at a time”.

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