Wellness on Wheels

Wellness on Wheels provides a unique holistic approach to skin care and esthetics treatments, by combining techniques, treatments and products, uniquely tailored to each customer, that are naturally based, non-invasive and that provide sustained long-term results.

Lily Recovery Treatment:

Lily Recover Treatment of Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle

For patients before, during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation

We all know how difficult the process of chemotherapy and/or radiation can be for the skin of patients with cancer. We can help these patients make this process much smoother on their skin by hydrating and calming the largest organ in the body.

Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle

Renew: (50 minutes)

You only have enough time to bring some brightness to your face?

This facial is made for busy people or first timers with us. It focuses on cleansing, a light exfoliation and hydration. If this is your first time with us, we will go over your intake form and set your goals for a unique skin treatment.



Wellness on Wheels
Renew (50 minutes) on Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle

Recharge: (70 Minutes)

Recharge: (70 Minutes) on Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle

During this facial, you will have not only a longer treatment for your face, but more time to go deeper in relaxation. Based on your area of concern, we will choose the right cleansing method, exfoliation and massage that will sooth your needs.

Wellness on Wheels

Repeat: (90 Minutes)

When the right products and the perfect techniques meet to deliver a one of a kind facial.

This facial is a little bit more elaborated. Same as Recharge, cleansing, exfoliation, massage and hydration will be chosen based on your skin concerns, but this time we will go an extra step adding some of our other popular techniques such as Dien Chan Zone®, Gua-sha Linfatic Drainage, Herbal Poultice, Crystal Healing, Cupping.

Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle
Repeat: (90 Minutes) on Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle


Addons Services to Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle
Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle
Wellness on Wheels

The following treatments can be added to any of our facials. They cannot be purchased alone.    

Eyelash Tinting  

Perfect treatment to give your mascara a break

Eyebrow Tinting

Enhance the beauty of your eyes by shaping the frame of them: your eyebrows.

Luminous Eye Treatment

Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the delicate area of your eyes to improve fine lines and dark circles.


Is an ancient Japanese art of healing. This practice is used to remove stress and allow the mind and body to completely relax so it can heal. Give yourself time to become balanced, nourished and revitalized. Reiki sessions are insightful, uplifting and profoundly comforting. Your body and whole being truly appreciate the care and kindness received and responds favorably.

Scalp Treatment

Promote blood flow and hydration with this amazing scalp massage. It is recommended for dry, flaky and irritated scalp, but any head can benefit from it. 

Wellness on Wheels
Wellness on Wheels by LilyBelle

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Wellness on Wheels
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